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E-Journal of the University of Riau Islands is a media for scientific publications of the results of research, experiments, community service for lecturers, researchers, practitioners managed by the University of Riau Islands, Batam.

This E-Journal contains both University Journals and Study Program Journals in the Riau Islands Batam University environment


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JCP (Jurnal Cahaya Pendidikan) Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan is a scientific publication media for Educational Sciences with a focus on the results of research or studies conducted by lecturers, teachers, students in the fields of English Education, Mathematics, Biology, History, Counseling Guidance and relevant educational sciences. The topics covered includes the technology of learning, learning medium, learning method, administration and management of education. The manuscripts received are those that have never been published in other media, are free of plagiarism and will be reviewed by bebestari partners. JCP published 2 numbers each volume in June and December

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