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This research was to investigate whether there is influence of demonstration method towards students speaking skills in taking simple phone message. Demonstration method gave students the opportunity to be an active student and helped other students in teaching and learning process. It is to make them good at speaking subject. Experimental research was the research type in which a quasi experimental design used. In the demonstration method, the researcher was as a teacher who taught English directly in the classroom. Furthermore, the procedures of quasi experimental research consisted of two classes, experimental class (OTKP class) and control class (TKJ class). Then, the result of research was analyzed by using t-test formula where the value of tcount was 7.46 between students who taught by using demonstration method and student who taught by using discovery learning method. Then, the mean score of students post-test in experimental class is higher than in control class. It was concluded that there found the influence of demonstration method in teaching and learning towards students’ speaking skill in taking simple phone message.


speaking, simple phone message, demonstration method

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